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BAKED BY MELISSA MARKETING PLAN May 2 , 2011 nd TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Executive Summary II. Situation Analysis o Market Summary  Target Market Demographics  Geographic  Demographics  Behavior Factors Market Needs Market Trends Market Growth o SWOT Analysis  Strengths  Weaknesses  Opportunities  Threats o Competition o Product Offering o Keys to Success o Critical Issues III. Marketing Strategy o Mission o Marketing Objectives o Financial Objectives o Target Markets o Positioning o Strategies o Marketing Mix o Marketing Research o Action Plan IV. Financials o o o V. Controls o o o VI. Summary Implementation Marketing Organization Contingency Planning Breakeven Analysis Sales Forecast Expense Forecast 2 Baked By Melissa…show more content…
In addition, Baked My Melissa‟s website supports local and national deliveries. Baked by Melissa’s Mission Statement: To provide dessert-lovers with guilt-free, bite-sized mini cupcakes (the size of a quarter) packed with a flavorful punch. Currently in its third year in the market, Baked by Melissa has created a niche for itself as the leading mini cupcakery that specializes in uniquely flavored mini cupcakes. Within that niche, Kumquat is the closest competitor but lacks the real estate and brand awareness that Baked by Melissa has so strongly built in such a short time. Baked by Melissa‟s competitors also include cupcake and dessert bakeries such as Crumbs, CupcakeStop, Sprinkles (which just opened shop in New York City), Buttercup Bakery and Magnolia to name a few. These bakeries bake and sell cupcakes as well as a variety of desserts with Crumbs being the most dominant in the market. Baked by Melissa‟s marketing efforts over the last three years, managed by Melissa Bushell‟s brother Brian Bushell‟s marketing firm VenueTap, have been highly successful in establishing a strong brand identity and awareness in New York City. Brian Bushell is also the CEO of Baked by Melissa and the primary financier of capital for the company3. Their marketing mix and strategy – a smart combination of high impact and low cost tactics - includes events, partnerships, guerrilla and grassroots marketing, social media and public relations. Now that Baked by Melissa has
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