Baker's Article 'The Plot Against People'

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Classification/Division can likewise allude to separating a thing into its sorts, classes, classifications, or sorts and after that talking about everyone. Division isolates things into classifications. Complex subjects are less demanding comprehended when separated into littler groups. Clear and correct classification of any subject will help all the more effectively screen the subject. Classification essays/writings are additionally used to make things clearer and maintain a strategic distance from disarray when diverse arrangements of things are clarified without ordering. It is one of most utilized sort of essays as a part of colleges and schools to expand the student's level of organization utilizing diverse strategies. Each classification…show more content…
Baker has illustrated the classification in his article by dividing the inanimate objects into three categories. Baker has also described an example for each category which is also a methodology of classification. Baker has also illustrated the classification in his article by further describing their facts about three types of inanimate objects in different paragraphs which were identified by the different numbers. In this way Baker’ article is illustrating a clear use of classification methodology. This classification methodology is making the Baker’s essay easy to read and easy to…show more content…
This article is divided into three parts: first part which is showing the facts about market of hot dogs; second part which is about what actually the hot dogs are and third part which is about the fact “are hot gods unhealthy”. So this division of whole topic of hot dogs into these three parts is showing that the author of this article has used the writing technique of division. Through this division, the author has successfully illustrated all important facts about the topic of hot

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