Baker's Square Research Paper

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Baker’s Square is a great place. They have not only pies but foods for every time of the day. Baker’s Square is popular because of their pies. Their pies are widely known. They always have different types of pies for each season. This is because some pies need to made during the season the main ingredient is available. Take for example a pumpkin pie. Pumpkins aren’t really out until fall. That doesn’t mean the food isn’t great as well. My grandma usually gets the chicken soup.
She has always enjoyed it. I have tried it and may I say it is really really good. The chicken is really good. The noodles aren’t overcooked or undercooked either. They bring you crackers with the soup. They add veggies to the soup as well and it really sets in the flavor.
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They come with a side of fries of course. The buns are soft and not very hard to bite into. The burgers are just amazing. The meat is so juicy and very well seasoned. Sometimes I also get the bacon burgers which by the way are amazing. I think all of their food is great. Then when it is time to order the pie I always get the same pie. The pie I usually get is called French Silk. It's made with chocolate that is very silky. They also have chocolate shreds as the topping. It is a basic pie, not very much in it, but I swear it's the best thing I have ever tried. There is of course whipped cream on top. I sometimes also like to try other pies. I have tried the oreo one, and it is great. All these pies put the put the zing in amazing. I promise you it is the best thing I have ever tried.
From all the things I have ever gotten here I swear this place is the best. If Baker’s Square was a book I would give it a Nobel Prize. I believe this will forever be a very popular place. Many people know about it. I have no doubt that people will all of a sudden forget what Baker’s Square is. I remember the last time I went here I tried something new that I usually don’t eat. I actually really liked it. It was something new and I am surprised that I really liked it. It’s always a fun experience when I go
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