Baking Soda Experiment Essay

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As the sassy and B.O. smelling 8th grade students entered into Mrs. Barrett’s 3rd period science class an early school morning, they could smell a strong, sour scent of vinegar and baking soda. Just as they were getting to their seats, they looked around the room, to see an explosion of vinegar and baking soda on tables and students. Many students were confused because usually science is boring but after they saw the mess they knew that it would be an atypical day. After the bell rang, Mrs. Barrett had explained to them the exciting array of tests they would be doing in class that day. She told them what materials they needed and how they were going to perform each of the experiments. After she had finished explaining, they started the tests by combining vinegar to the baking…show more content…
The first experiment the students choose was putting the baking soda and vinegar into their palms. Lots of students said, that they could feel a frozen and bubbly sensation where they had put the baking soda and vinegar. Many said it felt like drinking ice cold carbonated drinks but, the carbonation feeling was on their hand. After that, many choose to do the table experiment. I asked Morgan Michelle Steele, one of Mrs. Barrett’s many students, what she had experienced during the experiment. When she set the vinegar on top of the baking soda, she told me that “the aftermath of the mixing of the products was that it created lots of bubbles, fizzing, and steam coming off the top of the pile. It was a mini explosion of carbonation on the table!” She added. The last experiment the students did was putting the mixture into the beaker. For many students it produced lots of bubbles, fizzing, and it even had aggrandized so much that liquid had overflowed out of the beaker. Unfortunately, not all students worked fast enough to complete the third test, so they had to clean up and start the class
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