Baking and Other Kitchen Tools and Equipment

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Baking and Other Kitchen Tools and Equipment Classification of Ovens and other Baking Tools and Equipment A. Ovens 1. Convection ovens 2. Rotary ovens 3. Microwave ovens 4. Combo ovens 5. Deck of cabinet 6. Revolving tray or reel ovens B. Other Baking Equipment Bread toaster Double broiler Dutch oven Kitchen tongs C. Baking Tools and Utensils Baking pans Square cake pan Round layered cake pan Cookie or baking sheet Pie pan Loose bottom cake pan Cake cooler or wire rack Oven thermometer Tube rectangular cake pan Tube or sponge cake pan Bread loaf pan Ring mold for puddings Roasting or Broiling pan Muffin pan or Cup cake pan Custard cups Baking Tools and Equipment and…show more content…
20. Mixing Bowl – It comes in graduated sizes and has sloping sides. 21. Cutting tools – These consist of chopping board and a knife and are used to cut glazed fruit, nuts or other ingredients in baking. 22. Kitchen Shears – These are used to slice rolls and delicate cakes or other juicy food. 23. Paring Knife – This is used to pare or cut fruits and vegetables into different sizes. 24. Timer- This is used to time baked products,the rising yeast and to check the doneness of cakes and determine beating time. 25. Baking Paper- Grease proof,this paper is for lining cakes, making piping and wrapping food items. Care and Storage of Equipment For longer and efficient use of baking tools and equipment, the following pointers will be helpful: Cleaning the Range: 1. Switch off and remove the electric plug to allow the range to cool before cleaning. 2. Remove food particles, curnt sediment and grease carefully by wiping from the top of the range. 3. Clean the parts thoroughly particularly those that are removable. Clean the burners with a dry brush or with a clean damp and dry cloth. 4. Remove the grates before cleaning the entire oven. Scrape the food particles carefully. Wash and dry the removable parts very well. Cleaning the Oven 1. Switch off or remove the electric plug to cool off the oven before cleaning. 2. Remove food particles and burnt sediment by using a clean
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