Balance Is One Thing I Did Not Have My Sophomore Year Of College

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Balance is one thing I did not have my sophomore year of college. I struggled due to a multitude of things and did not find my way out till it was already too late. That fall was my first semester with numerous difficult classes, my first year being completely active in my sorority, I was co-captain of the dance team, had my first job, and my first boyfriend. The semester started fine with my classes being challenging but nothing I did not think I could handle. Saying no to my sorority was a difficult task so I took on two positions and later in the year, a third. These positions were immersive and required me to be at almost all of our events, on top of planning some of them myself, and time at home reporting to Delta Zeta National Headquarters about what our chapter was doing. Being trusted with such big responsibilities made me feel special and like I was needed so I never saw it as a burden. I was honored to be voted the co-captain of the dance team and helped to choreograph dances and pick out costumes and songs. The team looked to me when the captain was sick, which happened often due to her ongoing health issues. I planned and held practice on numerous occasions but it was exercise and something I enjoyed so again, nothing I could not handle. Working part time was also rewarding with receiving a real paycheck for the first time. I only worked on weekends which allowed me to fit my job into my schedule. My boyfriend and I were doing great, we made space in our
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