Balance between Work and Education

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Balancing study with home and work is excruciatingly difficult in my circumstances given that I have numerous responsibilities on my plate. These include the fact of having grandchildren to care for, working full-time (Monday-Friday 24 hours a day) as a health-aid worker, and helping my boyfriend's mother out every other weekend. During the week, there is the intensive and unceasing responsibilities of my job leaving me almost nil time for housework. Sleeping is a treat for me. Finally, I need to dedicate time to my boyfriend both for my own pleasure and for the necessity of retention of the relationship. I therefore see him on the weekends, dividing those weekends between him and the grandchildren. Life, as you see, is hectic and even thoguh my studies are important to me, and I do cram them in on weekends, I am usually so tired and pressed with minimal time that it is an effort to concentrate on and find time for my studies. What can I do to expand that time and how to better balance work and studies? It seems to me since I am feeling disheartened and dejected right now that I would best start by reflecting on my past when I managed to work through far more challenging, time pressured situations and prevail. Single-handedly I am divorced and without receiving child support from former husband, I managed to put two kids through school whilst working and seeing to their needs to the optimum best that I could. True, I was younger then and may have had more energy, but
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