Balance of Power as a Concept

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Balance of Power as a concept The concept of balance of power is considered as one of the oldest and fundamental concept in the field of international relations (Paul T.V 2004). International relations theorists had been defining balance of power differently to highlight its significance and relevance in international politics, as David Hume declared balance of power as scientific law due to its significance in international politics. Glenn Snyder highlighted balance of power as a core theoretical concept in international relations. Hans Morgenthau called balance of power as “iron law of politics” and Henry Kissinger, regarded balance of power as more an art than a science (Paul T.V 2004). Significance and relevance of balance of…show more content…
Both the rival states in South Asia could not rely heavily upon internal resources due to limited internal resources and depended on external factor to enhance and strengthen their security against each other. Additionally, cold war provided golden opportunity to find friends with great powers. United States and Soviet Union were also looking for allies to extend their areas of influence. Alliance formation strategy to strengthen power Second best option for any state is to reach a balancing position against strong rival which means to rely upon external resources. It may include arms aid from friendly states against a common threat. Alliances with other friendly states can strengthen weaker state’s defence. That’s why states reach alliances with other states to balance against a common threat. Advocates of ‘Balance of Power theory’ put forward that peace is generally preserved when equilibrium of power exists among great powers. Power parity among states helps preventing war because no actor can expect victory (Kenneth N W, 1979). Cold war between United States and Soviet Union remained a cold war and could not be a hot war; the reason was quasi balance of power between both the rival states. If war could have broken out between United States and Soviet Union, it would have been a surely mutual destruction.
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