Balanced Literacy Approach

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A curriculum can be defined as a written plan that describes the goals for children’s learning and development, and the learning experiences, materials and teaching strategies that are used to help children achieve those goals (Head Start, 1998; National Association for the Education of Young Children [NAEYC], 2005c, as cited in Bredekamp, 2011, p. 299). This course focused on the balanced literacy approach. A balanced approach to literacy is combining an array of topics in literacy which caters to the students’ individual needs and interest. This approach focuses on theories, strategies and topics that must be employed to be an effective teacher of reading and writing. In the early childhood sector the constructivist approach is one of the theories that undergirds the curriculum. However, its notion of applying group work is not…show more content…
In the student centered classroom students are active constructors of their own learning, teachers guide students through instruction and engage in grand conversations. Group work, discussions and scaffolding were aspects applied throughout the duration of the course. Group work was one of the strategies used to assess students. The purpose of group work is for students to build social skills. The weakness I observed with group work is that some members don’t take group work seriously and the bulk of the work is placed on one individual. For participating in the course one was required to discuss different topics weekly with peers. This procedure enlightened me to new strategies that I wasn’t privy to due to the level I teach. However, I felt at times that the discussions was not edifying but complimenting peers. Furthermore, the coordinator scaffold our learning during the discussions by reviewing our posts and providing feedback where
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