Balanced Scorecard: Customer Approach

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Many companies use Balanced Scorecards approach in conduct of their market analysis and assess their performance effectiveness as-far-as the customer satisfactions and relationship with the company is concerned ADDIN EN.CITE Andra Gumbus2006323(Andra Gumbus, 2006)32332317Andra Gumbus, Robert N LussierEntrepreneurs Use a Balanced Scorecard to Translate Strategy into Performance MeasuresJournal of Small Business Management MilwaukeeJournal of Small Business Management Milwaukee407-426Vol. 44, Iss. 3; pg. 407, 19 pgs32006( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Andra Gumbus, 2006 #323" Andra Gumbus, 2006). Use of a Balanced Scorecards has been touted to assist in improving the customer-company relationship with consistency thus, playing an important role in marketing strategy. This is reflected at Hyde Park Electronics Manufacturer. Upon implementation of a balanced scorecard, the company did manage to raise highest profit in less than 3 years. The customer perspective observed targeted customer satisfaction to allow repeat customer. Convenience offered to customer allowed the company to do their marketing and advertising with lots of ease.
Balanced Scorecards positively impact in the business development of a company with an effective application of company values to sway customer perspective ADDIN EN.CITE Morgan2002317(Morgan &…

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