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Running head: General Dynamics Balanced Scorecard General Dynamics Balanced Scorecard Executive Summary “General Dynamics is one of the market leaders in business aviation, combat vehicles, weapon systems and munitions; ship building and marine systems; and mission-critical information systems and technology (Corporate Overview, 2012).” In 2012, General Dynamic’s revenue has expanded from $4 billion to over $32 billion and the workforce has steadily increased from 29,000 to over 95,000 employees. Currently General Dynamics consist of the following four divisions Aerospace, Combat systems, Information Systems and Technology, and Marine Systems. This presentation provides insight to how I would build a balance…show more content…
Despite these 2012 revenue challenges, The Aerospace Group and Marine System sales, earnings and revenues increased as compared with the rest of the industry. The metrics used to measure this strategy are: 1. Return on Invested Capital 2. Revenue Growth 3. Operating Cost General Dynamic’s productivity strategy relies on the need to improve the cost structure and improve asset utilization. Productivity plans may require operational plans to reset operational baselines to reflect realities and changing market dynamics. General Dynamics will determine productivity by cost structure compared to the rest of industry and actual free cash flow. Customer Perspective General Dynamic’s core business strategy is customer value proposition, which includes customer relations, product and service standards, and the company’s perceived image. According to General Dynamic’s 2012 Annual Report, 66 % of their revenue was from the U.S. Government, another 13 percent were from U.S. commercial customers, 8% were from international defense customers, and the final 13% are from international commercial customers. General Dynamic’s diverse customer’s base has separated itself from their competitors to attract, retain, and establish a relationship with targeted customers. Since the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the intelligence division are our primary customers creating a deep relationship with

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