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Research In Motion:
A Balanced Scorecard Analysis

Contents Company Profile 3 Recent Accomplishments 4 Recent Problems 5 Competition and Market Status 6 Implementation of Planning Process 8 RIM’s Perspectives 9 Customer Perspective 10 Financial Perspective 10 Learning and Growth Perspective 11 Internal Process Perspective 12 Balanced Scorecard 13 Kaplan and Norton Alternative Strategy Choice 13 References 15 Attachment 1: Five year stock comparison of RIM, Apple, and Google 16

Research In Motion
Company Profile Research In Motion Limited (RIM) was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada but has multinational operations with offices in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.
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In 2009 the company greatly improved usability by upgrading the screen on the phone and introducing a new user interface as well as improving web browsing controls. In 2009 RIM also announced the BlackBerry App World for easy purchase and downloading of BlackBerry compatible applications. (Research in motion, 2010)
Recent Problems RIM has had a rash of bad press due to failures in its email system as well as its product and management strategy. RIM has suffered two major disruptions of service in 2009 and 2011 that have tarnished the touted reliability standard that has been a standard marketing tool for BlackBerry devices. In 2011 alone, RIM stock dropped more than 50% due to a series of product errors and profit warnings. (Sharp & Prodhan, 2011) RIM was a latecomer to the phone application and touch screen technologies, which are currently the most desired options available on the market. BlackBerry App World went live on April 1, 2009 whereas the Apple App Store opened July 10, 2008 and the Android Market now titled Google Play debuted October 22, 2008. It seems that apps were somewhat of an afterthought to RIM and developmentally, they began the race after Apple and Android were miles ahead. BlackBerry is not known to be a “fun” phone, which can limit its consumer market to business-minded individuals and an older age bracket, possibly alienating the vital teen-early
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