Balanced Scorecard Used In Health Care Essay

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According to the study Zelman et al (2003) showed that the Balanced Scorecard was introduced in all areas of a particular industry, particularly with regard to health care such as hospitals, health care systems, health insurers and long-term care. In addition, the balanced scorecard is not only introduced in certain areas even been in use for strategic management at the enterprise level but in use for the evaluation of health programs, the quality of care projects and improvements as well as performance measurement across the organization.
2.2.2 THE REASONS OF BALANCED SCORECARD HAS BEEN INTRODUCED IN HEALHCARE Based on (Marr and Creelman, 2010) found that the balanced scorecard is used to ensure high-performance
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However, an organization may have been structured by region and health practices with competing agendas and demand resources. For example, according to the study (Garling, 2008) found that executives at Nemours Children's Health System in the United States decided they needed to unite the organization around "The Nemours" .Therefore , transformation is the new thing where their admission that the Balanced Scorecard help coordinate and strengthen the organization. Balanced scorecard is the traditional methods healthcare of strategy formulation for example, extensive consultation resulting in a complex detailed strategic plan. Futhermore , it needed to introduce a new approach from outside of healthcare then followed a recent merger as well as strong external influences that were impacting negatively and would continue to do so unless they developed and implemented the appropriate
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