Balanced Scorecard at Futura Industries

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Analysis of the use of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Strategies at Futura Industries Introduction Futura Industries competes in a series of highly commoditized industries where customer service and the experience longtime customers have with companies are an even more powerful differentiators than product or price. Futura also faces the paradox of delivering excellent service on commoditized products to retain and grow their customer base while needing expertise in the advanced areas of aluminum extruding, finishing, fabrication, machining, and design. Futura has successfully moved into higher-end markets as a result of these strategies including floor covering trims, electronics, transportation, shower door, marine store fixture, and retail products (Gumbus, Susan, 2003), Futura Industries' CEO Susan Johnson has created a company culture and reporting system using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) techniques that ensures her company will be a formidable competitor and trusted advisor in the highly commoditized markets the company competes in. With the majority of a company's value delivered by its employees (Niven, 2013), Futura has deliberately set out to create a framework using BSC foundational elements that unify customer service, financial reporting and internal operations into a galvanized strategy that translates the vision and mission of the company into results daily (Gumbus, Susan, 2003). Susan Johnson concentrates on learning and growth in the company's BSC framework

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