Balanced Scorecard for Hospital Performance & Productivity

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The Balanced Scorecard for Hospital Performance and Productivity ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the usefulness of the Balanced Scorecard in improving a hospital's management and delivery of health care at reduced cost without loss of quality. This paper describes an approach to designing and implementing a balanced scorecard system for measuring performance and productivity in a hospital setting. Specific measures of performance criteria are suggested as well as interpreted. Guidelines for measuring productivity are also suggested and interpreted. How these measures may be used by a hospital to improve its administration of health care while reducing costs and maintaining quality are described. This paper…show more content…
Medical staff relations and quality of care are important attributes of hospital performance that can be difficult to measure, interpret, and compare with other health care organizations (Zelman et al. 2003). The balanced scorecard (BSC) is fundamentally a customized performance measurement system that looks beyond traditional financial measures and is based on organization strategy. This paper discusses fundamental concepts in developing performance metrics, provides an overview of issues in developing balanced scorecard measures, and gives numerous illustrations of performance measures. As shown later, the BSC is an active area of research within the medical community. However, previous research does not report on the fundamental linkages between hospital inputs, outputs, and the creation of performance metrics. In addition, these articles provide few specific examples of balanced scorecard measures and illustrations of how the balanced scorecard translates action into improved performance. 2. PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND THE BALANCED SCORECARD IN HEALTHCARE Emphasis on financial measures of performance in response to cost pressures may be a dangerous
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