Balancing Ecosystems

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Balancing Ecosystems Nasirah Halstead ENV/100 August 25, 2014 Sharon White, Instructor Balancing Ecosystems Dear City Council: I am writing you concerning matters of restoring balance to the city's ecosystem. An ecosystem is a factor in the biological community that consists of occurrences locally, chemical factors, as well as physical, make up the environment non-living or abiotic. The unbalanced ecosystem in Sparksville's aquatic system is the situation at hand. The boundaries of this ecosystem are being addressed for reasons having to do with the goal of restoring the lake back to normal. The invasions of Grass Carp have made it almost impossible for the rest of the underwater community to be in existence. The changes in…show more content…
The leaves of the new plants can contain chemicals that add to the ecosystem problem in the lake. Many more problems can occur within the environment, leaving animals are to feed off of the non-native harmful crops, and the chain will go on because humans feed off of animals. Ultimately the entire community can be affected by this Carp problem. Keep in mind it is not the intent of the invasive species to be invasive or they start off being invasive then the ecosystem will find a unique way of bringing everything under control on its own. The ecosystem in town possesses many mechanisms that it needs to keep the whole system equally balanced. The dynamics to help persons in this city strive and restore include predation; the need to prey on other animals is how a species survive, but it should be under control. Conditions and temperature play a large role as well. It is the responsibility of the humans to control the conditions that come into the town by understanding the animals and fish that come into the environment and lake. The environment needs the help and support of the community to be successful. When everyone is working together and not against each other things tend to come together easier because everyone is working towards the same goal and objective. Prairie Dog Festival held each summer celebrates the community's environment awareness. Sparksville is facing a hardship, and the goal is to get things back in order
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