Balancing Ecosystems Essay

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Balancing Ecosystems
Rozlynn McNeal
ENV/100 Principles of Environmental Science
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Michael Brandolino
August 10, 2014

Sparksville's Environment and Energy (E&E) Committee
665 Balance Lane, Room 100
Healthytown, LA 7000
Date: August 10, 2014

To: Glimmerville City Council
1819 Farnam Street, Suite LC-1
Glimmerville, America, 68183

Dear Glimmerville City Council

I am writing to ask the City Council of Glimmerville to join Sparkeville’s effects to restore balance back to our aquatic ecosystem. The City Council of Sparkeville is asking that Glimmerville support an plan (which will be outline later in this letter) that will deal with the over population of the “Grass Carp” that has
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Option 2- To eradicate huge numbers of “Grass Carp” with nominal cost and effort, we should take advantage of the Grass Carp fondness to assemble together each Spring in huge numbers in comparatively warm water ways preceding to and during their regenerating period. During the peak of “Grass Carp” regenerating period, we can position a extended seine netting that with go completely over all the crossways of the openings of the three water ways to put a stop to the “Grass Carp” from getting into the water ways. After the rivers and streams are cleared of the “Grass Carp”, we can put up boundary markers across two of crossway opening to avoid the “Grass Carp” from re-entering, and keep an eye on (monitor) the bottom food organisms, the clarity of the water and underwater aquatic plant above and beneath the boundary markers.

Option-3 Because the “Grass Carp” will not feed in areas where there is a lot of human activities, we can hold boat races or swimming contest , only will not avoid the fish from returning once that actives end.

With the benefits being so great and causing no harm to any of

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