Balancing Efficiency And Effectiveness Of An Organization

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Balancing efficiency and effectiveness is necessary in any organization despite the motives and definition of success. When determining an organizations efficiency and effectiveness many factors should be considered because one may affect the other. There are several tradeoffs between the two that include quality, quantity, customer satisfaction or success, recidivism, employee satisfaction or success, defining organization’s goals, determining what to measure, and how technology impacts both. No matter the tradeoffs, the goal is to maximize efficiency while accomplishing the highest level of effectiveness (Power, 2008). Therefore, each organization will have a balancing test to determine how to provide the most effective services while…show more content…
Hence, therapists are not being efficient with the time that is allotted to them and the number of clients decreases. Moreover, the human relations approach is likely to balance the physical and mental well-being of employees which in turn affect their performance outcomes with themselves and clients (Hasenfeld). Also, agencies must develop policies for evaluating both employees and customers’ outcomes. This may include asking the clients’ perspective about the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Policies that implement systematic reviews are essential elements of evidence-based practices (Sheafor, 2011). These reviews will help identify where employees are being or not being effective or efficient. In this tradeoff, organizations are being less efficient in the present to become more effective and efficient in the future. In addition, this tradeoff is determining employees’ abilities and clients’ satisfaction. As we discussed in class, good social work does not mean that there are good results because a client may not have a positive outcome. Alternatively, incompetent social work can produce good results because clients may favor the relationship instead of developing a positive outcome. Furthermore, being efficient is geared towards timeliness and effort. Organizations and employees like to put in minimal inputs to achieve the maximum outputs
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