Balancing School and Work Essay

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Balancing School and Work

Juggling work and school, finding time for having fun, and liking what someone does, these are some of the problems that plague young adults today. If a person that fits those requirements is looking for a little extra income, this writer knows just what the doctor ordered. Working as a waiter is a very fulfilling job, especially for a young adult student. With flexible hours and uniforms, decent pay, and working in a fun atmospherewith many different types of people, being a waiter is an excellent job for a student.

Being a waiter at a trendy restaurant is like being a host at a party, making money all the while.If a young adult have a difficult time trying to find time to do their homework and other
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Also, when a waiter has all this cash in their pocket after work and home is twenty minutes away, it is very convenient to not have to go all the way home to change completely before going out for the evening.Working at a restaurant is also a very laid-back occupation. Not very many jobs enables an employee to interact with so many different people.

In a restaurant environment, every person's job is interrelated with someone else's, and in that way, everybody relies on one another. By doing this, the staff tends to bond together. Eventually, a new employee will be buddies with the people they work with. At the end of a hard shift, all the waiters on staff usually take all the money they make and party with one another. It is very rewarding that way. Likewise, dealing with customers can also be a pleasing thing.

When a waiter has to serve a hundred different people a night, they are exposed to many different, unique types of people. This exposure is practically training a student-worker ways on how to deal with a variety of personalities in the real world. When a person with this type of experience has to interview for a position in a big company after college, this kind of experience helps a lot. People skills are essential to be on top of today's workforce.What is the bottom-line when it comes to work anyway?

The reason why people work is money, because if it weren't for the cash, most people in this world would all be sitting on their
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