Balancing Work Life and Home Life

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Balancing Work Life and Home Life The purpose of the article is to discuss what organizations can do to adopt more effective management of professional and private life. Organizations need to help employees define the boundaries between home and work. These boundaries should be more flexible than they currently are, the value of transition time between home and work should be recognized, and family should be more consciously included into career and human resource management. What the two authors proposed was a new way of looking at the issue: analysis of the daily transitions both physical and psychological between work and home. They have…show more content…
Numerous studies have been conducted on work-life balance. The conflict is primarily caused by two scenarios. The first being an employee bringing home matters to work, or work matters to home. The second scenario is when work time interferes on home time. Of all the job factors that influence work-life conflict, the amount of time spent at work is the strongest and most consistent predictor. The higher levels of work-to-family conflict reported by managers or professionals often are a function of their longer work hours. Other reasons include: job security, support from one’s supervisor, support from co-workers, work demands or overload, work-role conflict, work-role ambiguity, job dissatisfaction, and extensive use of communication technology that blurs the boundaries between home and work. When work and life are imbalanced it will lead to an array of problems. Many employees experience burnout due to overwork and increased stress. This condition ranges from blue collar workers to upper management. Over the past decade, rises in workplace violence, an increase in levels of absenteeism, as well as rising workers’ compensation claims are all evidence of an unhealthy work-life balance. Personal ambitions, the pressure of family obligations, and accelerating pace of technology all play a part to causing this condition. There are several possibilities to provide a balanced work-life and learning how to eliminate home and work-place stress. An employee

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