Essay on Balancing the Powers of the Government

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Have you ever wondered how our government got to be as organized as it is now? Well, it was not always that way; we used to not have 3 branches of government like we do today. They decided that each branch will have certain powers to make our country run smoothly; and this process is called checks and balances. Without the 3 branches powers being balanced, our life as citizens would be completely out of whack and uncontrolled. It is very important to know which branch has what power, and how each one functions and works to make our government successful because with the 3 branches of government being balanced, life would be much more under control than it would be if the branches power was not balanced.

The Legislative Branch was given
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The executive branch has power over the judicial branch because it has the right to appoint judges and the ability to override judicial decisions and grant pardons.

The Judicial Branch’s power is the power to interpret laws. It also has the authority to approve appointments to the federal courts. The president is the person that appoints supreme court and other federal judges. Courts can also judge legislative acts to be unconstitutional, and that is another big thing the courts have over the legislative branch.

All three branches have major responsibilities that they take care of everyday, and they balance the powers equally. They each have distinct jobs to do, and that supports the U.S. A and helps our country function smoothly. The Legislative Branch has the power to also override a veto by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and the House of Representatives if they choose to. The executive branch has the right to appoint judges and the ability to override judicial decisions and grant pardons. Finally, the Judicial Branch may remove the president through impeachment. Overall, each of the branches has their own responsibilities, and they use their powers to unite the nation in peace.

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