Bald-Headed and London

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When I was driving home, my friend called me that he had an awesome idea and he needs to see if we agree. I didn’t have a clue what is he talking about or what the idea was about. We met at the usual place like every day after our shifts. So we have gathered to hear that idea he had. He was the last one coming and we were all impatient to hear that idea. Finally, he came after waiting thirty minutes for him. His idea was that we go to London in two days that he found cheap flight tickets and we would stay with his uncle who lived over there. He said that he already bought cards for three of us so we must go. At first we were shocked about the idea and I was thinking what will my parents say and how do I explain to my boss I need a week off. Everything happened fast my boss let me a week off, but he was not happy. My parents agreed to let me go on this trip, also another friend managed to get everything done with his family and his job.
This was my first time leaving my country and first time, even flying by airplane. I was scared a little bit how it will go. But before we left we needed to get British money so we can actually buy something. So we do everything last minute and we were searching for a bank in the morning that would exchange our money into pounds. We visited a few banks, but none of them had that amount of money that we needed, every single had like two hundred pounds at all in the entire bank. That is how everything…
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