Baldassare Regional Conflict Analysis

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In every part of life there have been various disputes involving religion, culture, gender, class, and ethnicity that has created an endless conflict of war. And why is this? It all has to deal with human variability. It is this, in which causes such arguments take effect and create barriers between others. Communication is the only resolution to conflicts; yet many argue that ignorance is the occurrence of conflict evolving many factors of tradition, power, and authority that can never be resolved. Conflict is an inevitable part of our life that is developed through the differences in race and appearance, thoughts and opinions, as well as a person’s overall identity. Those that argue about conflict explain how it only brings bad occurrences;…show more content…
In addition, we identify others based on their characteristics, qualities, and beliefs. There are strong identity differentiations within an individual or a group of society. Our own identity is a condition that allows others to see who we are based on our social profile. According to author Baldassare in Regional Diversity, “To some extent, the differences in perceptions throughout the state can be explained by the composition of the populations¬-that is, by variations in their social, economic, and political profiles” (3). Our identity provides individuality, yet can cause various dilemmas to occur with those who have dissimilarities. Much of society tends to argue on money issues and economic factors that affect the way they spend their money. Those who are in the bigger paying scale tend to disagree and blame those in the poverty line for their actions and life choices. The problem with this is that many do not realize that some are more blessed with the certain privileges they were born with. For example, there are those who are more fortunate in having their parents helping them with college expenses, but there are also those who face difficulties in paying the cost for college tuition. There are those who would have never been successful and be where they are without the help of others…show more content…
There are all kinds of conflicts and all sorts of causes of them, yet they may provide many benefits and can be very useful to us. According to a lecture presented at the University of California, Merced titled “Shifting the Origin: The Legacy of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton”, by Professor Breugel, “Everything we know and grow from is based on assumptions, commodities, and opinions”. The conflicts we get involved in should never be taken for granted as they bring life long lessons to how we live and learn. Without communicating, the conflicts can be everlasting and would only bring unresolved severe consequences. Recognizing our limits and knowing when to stop is essential before regarding it. Conflicts bring many benefits such as the clarification, solutions as well as learning through discourse and education. Not all of our knowledge is learned by us, but by the help of others own understanding. Whatever circumstance, taking up a conflict is never the right decision to take as it may include negative externalities to both the winner and loser. As humans, we will always encounter people who are different then us, which means it will be difficult for us to try to avoid conflicts. At the end, whether it is small or big, the appreciation of conflicts should help us in becoming better individuals in society and allow ourselves to be less ignorant, but more broad-minded to others
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