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Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Strayer University Dr. Finn BUS430 The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) – now known as the Baldrige National Quality Program-has been one of the most powerful catalysts for improving organizational performance in the United States (The Collier and Evans (2011) textbook). Strategic planning is applicable for any type of business entity or organization. However, people tend to think that it is only meant for large businesses. Strategic planning matches the strengths of an organization to open opportunities. In order to be effective, an organization needs to collect, screen, and analyze information about its environment. The organization also needs to have a clear…show more content…
UC --Berkeley and UC-Bolder both defined their IT strategic plans and objectives for future success. Charles McNamara (n.d.), a leading strategic planning advisor, stated that goals should be specific, measurable, acceptable to all those working toward achievement; goals, realistic, timely, extending the capabilities of those working to achieve the goals and which at the same time rewarding to them. Both universities cloned the Baldrige criteria for strategic planning though a clear understanding of their goals and needs. Baldridge criteria’s to ensure that financial, human and other resources are available to support action plans through resource allocations were define however, UC Berkeley were not all defined as compared to US Boulder. A action plan has to take place even with goals and objectives clearly defined by both universities. According to McNamara (n.d.), the lay out for action planning is accomplished with strategic goals. These action plans include specifying objectives, or specified results, with each strategic goal. Strategic goals lead to accomplishing a set of objectives which is a goal on a smaller scale. Generally, an objective is associated with a tactic. So implementing a strategy typically involves implementing a set of tactics, which is still a strategy, however on a smaller scale. Action plans includes: specifying responsibilities and timelines with each objective, or what
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