Baldwin Bicycle Company: Management Accounting

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Case Paper
Baldwin Bicycle Company

Submitted in partial fulfillment
For the requirements in
Management Accounting (ACC510M)
AY 2010-2011, 3rd Trimester

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Professor Jolly B. Cruz

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Presenting Group 5

Kelvin L. Go
Elmer V. Dela Cruz
Joshua G. Soriano
Jeffrey T. Tabangcura
Kristian Jewel P. Taiño
Grace Taguinod

26 February 2011

Baldwin Bicycle Company (BBC) is a mid-range full-line bicycle manufacturing company with 40 years’ experience. BBC produced 98,791 units accounting for over $10MM in revenues in 1982, with an
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▪ Variable Costs are Linear o This decision model assumes that variable costs, such as materials and labor, are linear over the relevant range; that is, there are no volume discounts on material, and that addition of more labor does not incur further costs. ▪ Workers are Efficient o Although BBC is operating at approximately 75% of capacity, this assumes that workers are not idle; rather, workers are individually working at full efficiency, but only enough workers to produce the quantity required are scheduled. ▪ Hi-Valu’s Estimates are Accurate o Knott estimated that 25,000 units per year would be sold; further, he speculated that a unit would sit in the warehouse, on average, two months, although Hi-Valu would purchase units in the warehouse for four months automatically. BBC’s current inventory turnover ratio is 2.92, or approximately 4 months. Although Hi-Valu is a discount chain and would likely have a higher inventory turnover than BBC, which sells only through
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