Baldwin County Tax Case Study

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Baldwin County has a gas tax rate of $.05 per the statistics on the Baldwin County website. The tax which has been the current tax rate since 1984. A Montgomery Senator wishes to increase the tax rate by $.03. Montgomery Senator Trip Pittman, believes that there is no downfall to the proposed tax plan as it will help increase revenue throughout Alabama. Multiple other politicians in the state have agreed that it isn’t a good idea as it will cause the market for gas owners in Baldwin County to deplete. Commissioner Tucker Dorsey stated that he simply wouldn’t approve of the tax increase as it would cause local gas station owners to hurt business-wise. A quote by Commissioner Dorsey stated, “There’s so many people that live in Mobile County and work in Baldwin and Baldwin folks that work in Mobile county. Well, everybody’s going to fuel up in Mobile county and it’s going to cause competition of gas retailers to be less competitive.”…show more content…
The 50% brings in roughly $40 million dollars annually for the Baldwin County Board of Education. The proposed tax plan would re-arrange this and make for the County Commissions office to get the 50% and the School Board would get the 40%. Coastal Alabama Community College would get most of the remaining 5% of the proposed tax incentive. While the percent difference may seem miniscule, the numerical amount would be around $5 million. Under the same deal the Penny tax was mentioned. A permanent extension was allocated to the “penny tax” that would allow for a $40 million revenue. This revenue would be able to support hundreds of staff members within the school system such as administrators, teachers and any other support staff located in Baldwin County. The main idea for the flip-flop is so that we can start putting money into the roads here in Baldwin County, as it seems it is more important than
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