Baldwin's Strengths To Be, By Charles Baldwin

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1.) The Baldwin essay is very long and intense. What did you find its strengths and weaknesses to be?

I found a lot of strengths in Baldwin’s essay. For starters, l found Baldwin’s approach very interesting. In his essay, Baldwin conveys that hatred will always destroy those who hate and sometimes this very anger can be of some use it if makes people oppose injustice and fight for change. I sensed, after reading his essay, that Baldwin is more of a man of action rather than a man willing to sit back and let everything unfold. He shared his own bitter memories of his father, who constantly was paranoid of the people around him. Baldwin had a lot of strength in this essay, especially with his descriptive vocabulary and recollections. I found
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In Baldwin’s piece, we see a more self-destructive relationship between black and white people, particularly in Baldwin’s case. We see how Baldwin’s father is so distrustful of white people, telling Baldwin to stay away from white people as much as possible. This can be self-destructive in the manner in which Baldwin is being treated kindly by a young white teacher who takes him to the theater to see plays, but his father is paranoid that the situation may only turn out to be a threat. In a similar but different way, we can see this in Wright’s essay as well. If there was one thing that l took away from Wright’s essay, it’s the fact that he talked about handling the topic of race and racism by being obedient and feeling as though he had to keep his head down most of the time. In a sense, it’s similar to this particular situation in Baldwin’s piece because of the background as to why Baldwin’s father is bitter, which not only stems from mental health issues, but also traumatic occurrences that has been passed through generations. In addition, we can see how Baldwin seems more of a man of action, filled with a lot of anger and rage. This is obviously shown when he throws a water mug at a white waitresses face. If we were to look at Wright’s essay, he was more of a man who stayed quiet and observed his surroundings instead of losing control of his

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