Bali - Impact of Global Tourism

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Tourism has several impacts on many different aspects of Bali’s society. Tourism has impacted on the already existing, social, economic, cultural and environmental processes of the island. For example, as a result of tourism the pace of urbanisation has rapid increased and tourism has sped up the process of economic development. There are large economic consequences on the economy of Bali. One significant impact on Bali is the foreign exchange earnings. Tourism is the fourth-largest income earner for Indonesia at around US 5.5 billion (2003). Tourism is very labour intensive, with the influx of tourists more services are required thus leading to more creation of jobs, even though it increases job opportunities and higher paying jobs,…show more content…
The social and cultural processes are also significantly impacted. Tourism has helped develop and keep up the unique culture of the island, it has helped revive artistic traditions, and has provided an economic justification for preserving them. But tourism has also led to importantly behavioural impacts, for example; nude sunbathing by tourist is widely disliked by the locals, as well as that lack of respect is shown by tourists in scared places such as temples. Another negative impact is the social development of Bali. There are constant conflicts between local villagers and developers who want the land for hotels and attractions like golf courses. These social impacts have led to a loss in culture and heritage. Another significant impact is the turning of Balinese culture into a commodity. The major influx of tourists has plagued Bali’s culture. Dances, ceremonies and arts and crafts are all now adapted to tourists timetables and tastes, and are mass produced to reduce cost. Also because more people are choosing to work in the tourism industry, this has meant that fewer are available doe traditional ceremonies and communal tasks, placing more pressure on traditional community organisations. As a result of tourism Bali has suffered a lot. In my opinion tourism has plagued Bali and it’s culture. Tourism brings in a lot of money for Indonesia and Bali, but as a result of it the beautiful island is being
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