Bali is My Island of Peace Essay

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Bali. That is where I am. Often called Island of Gods, Island of Hinduism, Island of Love, and my personal favorite Island of Peace. This province of Indonesia is located in the Southern Hemisphere on the continent of Asia. The most enjoyable nature based tourism experience I could possibly fathom absolutely takes place here. I close my eyes and see myself up before sunrise, sitting on a small carpet outside on the deck of my adorable yet peaceful villa rental. Transfixed by the sound of ocean waves breaking at the shore, legs crisscrossed, a cup of tea clutched between my hands barely gracing my lips, and tired eyes opened just enough to get a glimpse of the sun collide into the side one of the islands infamous Hindu temples.…show more content…
I will not feel like I have to cover my skin to protect myself from Mother Nature’s harsh weather conditions. Also in this climate my skin will thrive. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and the nourishing moisture of the humidity on my cheeks would just jump-start my mood every morning. It doesn’t really matter to me what time of year it is as long as the climate is on point. To me when on holiday, your vacation doesn’t really start until you forget what day it is, so the date of my trip is insignificant. If I absolutely had to choose a time of year I would suggest May through July, I've heard Bali is very pleasant that time of year and very warm. I want to take this trip as I do all of my trips, unplanned. I do not want to expect anything therefore I cannot be disappointed. At some point I would like to go out on the water. Maybe learn to surf, and most definitely go sailing. Although I would like to engage in some activities I would like to spend a decent amount of my time in Bali just sitting and thinking; mouth closed, eyes closed, heart and mind open. I want to be able to take it all in and really learn to appreciate all of the positive things that transpire around me, not matter how big or small. I want to surrender all of my senses to exploration and appreciation of this experience. My main and most important activities for Bali would be purely observation and contemplation. Another thing that is
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