Ball State University Personal Statement

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I have taken and loved a variety of my media classes here at Ball State University. I have taken courses in video production, audio production, news production, copywriting, scriptwriting, newswriting, interviewing, reporting, photography, graphic design, media analysis, and media law. I have really enjoyed getting familiar with all of the different journalism, telecommunications, and news departments at Ball State University, and have aspects of each program that I enjoy. Although many of my classes have been very challenging and time-consuming, I am not discouraged. Instead, I feel as though I am more excited graduate, get my degree in Telecommunications with a Concentration in News Production, and start a career in the industry. Even though some of my required courses have been for print media, I have enjoyed my courses for broadcast media more. I feel like there are aspects of video and audio media that can’t be told in writing, and that is why I am working to get into …show more content…

I watch the local and national news each day because it generally interests me and keeps me informed on the current events in Indiana, in the United States, and around the world. I am more familiar with the central Indiana or Indianapolis news stations that I have grown up watching, such as FOX59, CBS4, WISH-TV8, WTHR13, and RTV6, but would be happy working in Evansville, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Terre Haute, or other cities in Indiana or the Midwest. I am currently working towards securing an internship at either a local news station or a national news station, such as FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC, for this summer, junior year, or the summer of my junior year. I am really looking forward to getting some experience in the field and adding to my resume. My versatility of skills from my classes and clubs for on-camera work and off-camera work will be very helpful in a variety of jobs at a news station in terms of talent or

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