Ballet : A Unique Form Of Dance

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Research Paper Ballet signifies a unique form of dance that helps relieve stress and shows the love of dance through the body. Dance performances happens to be a great way to entertain people while the dancers enjoy showing off their talents. Children of all ages are able to become fantastic dancers with amazing talents that could lead to bight futures but, what some people don’t know proves that ballet can cause serious health and joint issues. Although there are many benefits of ballet, there are also issues involving health and joint such as arthritis that is the outcome of years of dancing. The history of ballet was originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th and 16th centuries. From Italy to France, ballet was spreading by the talented Catherine de’ Medici. Aristocrat money was royal money that dictated the ideas of music and literature that were used in the ballet to entertain the aristocrats at the time. ‘Ballet des Polonais’ was the first ever staged ballet in 1573 which was commissioned under Catherine de’ Medici. It was held to honor the Polish Ambassadors who were visiting Paris. ‘Ballet Comique de la Reine’ was the second ballet court commissioned by Catherine with the help of her compatriot Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx in 1581. However, it was the first court ballet to display poetry, dance, music, and set design to convey a storyline. Ballet was produced by aristocrats for their entertainment and political propaganda needs. The Paris Opera Ballet…
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