Ballet : Women And Women

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Although nowadays gender has no boundaries in the world of dance, dance has always been known for its gender significance towards women such as ballet as it is created to look graceful and according to Balanchine, “ballet was women” because the truest form of ballet was the long lines of the female body (“cite source”). Even though ballet was developed in the courts of Renaissance Italy by a man, King Louis XIV, it was actually introduced by an Italian noblewoman, Catherine de’ Medici and one of the earliest dance steps created consisted of small steps and gentle turns that are best done by women. Besides that, the costumes that came with it complemented women’s bodies; the shoes had small heels and the dresses were tiny. Because of…show more content…
They were called as “Baby Ballerinas” and they represented his early magnificent works such as Cotillon, Concurrence and Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. Because of these girls’ exceptional talents, critics said that Balanchine had brought ballet back to life. In a three-act ballet choreographed by Balanchine called Jewels, he had once again chosen the said to be phenomenal dance to be dominated by women dancers. Jewel was a very breathtaking, elegant, exquisite, graceful and delicate dance that implemented music from three known composers, Gabriel Faure, Igor Stravinsky and Peter Tchaikovsky. The women ballerinas’ graceful hands combined with their slender bodies alongside the mesmerizing costumes were a perfect mash that managed to captivate the audience. Although men were also casted on the production, the women dancers were what the dance was all about as it is inspired by the artistry of jewelry designer and jewelry has always been associated with women. The tutus that the women wore represented different types of ballet; the romantic tutus portrayed the Romantic period, the short tutus depicted the classical period whereas the fringed tutus illustrated the American period (Scoble). The men were capable of doing all types of ballet moves such as plie, jete and pirouette, but men’s bodies were made too muscular that even when they are doing the same moves as their women partners, they would always look too masculine that it
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