Ballpoint Pen: How Does It Work?

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Ballpoint pen: How does it work? A ballpoint pen administers ink with the use of small rotating ball made of brass, steel, or other form of metal to disperse ink as the writer moves his or her hand across the page. The principle behind the operation of the pen is a ball-and-socket design (Ballpoint pen, 2012, How stuff work). The ball rotates in a socket located near the pen's ink reservoir and rolls as the writer writes. The force of gravity pulls the ink down the reservoir and into the ball area. The ink cartridge is pressurized to further control the flow of ink (Ballpoint pen, 2012, Great ideas: Great inventors). As the ball rotates, the ink is transferred onto the paper. The ball controls the flow of ink enough to prevent the ink from drying out within the pen and also administers the ink in a continuous stream onto the paper through a rolling action to prevent smudging. The ball-and-socket design is not immediately visible to the naked eye of an observer, but it is similar in construction to the ball-and-socket design of a stick of deodorant, which also operates on similar principles (Ballpoint pen, 2012, How stuff work). Source: Great ideas: Great inventors The ballpoint pen has undergone numerous design changes since its birth but ultimately revolutionized writing and has proven itself far superior to the fountain pen or the quill (Ballpoint pen, 2012, Great ideas: Great inventors). Unlike a felt-tipped pen it allows for finer, more precise administration

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