Ballroom Dancing Program at Jade Hills

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For the past twelve years, Sandy Milcom has been working with seniors and has headed the ballroom dancing program at Jade Hills for over six of those years. She is a certified dance instructor with a background in physiology. Milcom warmly welcomed me as a visitor to observe the popular Friday night ballroom dancing event at Jade Hills. Ballroom dancing takes place every Wednesday and Friday, Milcome told me. On Wednesday they offer lessons, whereas Friday is more of a social event with less formal instruction. Each week Sandy encourages the dancers to concentrate on a specific step, but occasionally they can "free style."
When I arrived, the staff members were still setting up and I pitched in to help. They moved two tables from the recreation room off to the wall, clearing up the entire center space to be used as a dance floor. Those tables were being covered with cloths, and staff set out snacks and drinks. Mike, one of the staff members, was setting up his computer on another table in the corner. He was the resident DJ, and had worked the ballroom dancing event on Friday for the past year and a half. A lively be-bop jazz piece was playing at low volume. The residents gradually arrived, some fifteen minutes ahead of the scheduled start time of 7PM. By 7PM, there were about 30 residents in the rec room. There were a few more women than there were men, but the gender balance was about the same.
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