Balls ShouldnT Upset Me Essay

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Balls shouldn't upset you. After I finish my task, I might start playing sports. San-Tan crosses over toward the side, weeps. James follows. JAMES (CONTD) I didn't mean to make things worse but why are you so unsettled? SAN-TAN It isn't your fault, it just that — he also used two loops. JAMES (eyes crinkle) Two loops, I don't understand, why would he use them anyway? SAN-TAN (hyperventilate) They were coming from the ceiling. JAMES My dad once told me to cup my hands over my nose, it might help. San-Tan cups her hands and breathes slowly. She regains her composure, looks at James with droopy eyes. SAN-TAN I might as well spill the tea since my inside feels dead. I became panicky and closed my eyes. (cries) When I open them…show more content…
He might be of help in releasing you from your bargain with him my love. WE-NEG (crooked smile) What did you've in mind, my precious love? INT. PARALLEL EARTH – RUBIK'S CUBE ROOM – DAY We-neg paces the floor in a dismal state. Pete appears. The wizard quickly waves his hand at the wall, and the imprint of a Rubik's Cube Man's face emerges from it. WE-NEG You dare, show your face after what you did to my loving mate. PETE You've my sympathy wizard. My son came here for the wrong reasons. Please give him back. WE-NEG (laughs) Have you come to play by using your feet because I haven't notice a weapon Old Protector? PETE (retrieves a pocketknife) Since my son has taken my place, the Tree couldn't give me any weapons, but this is all I need. WE-NEG In that case, I'll spare you, my Rubik's Cube Man. Pete runs toward We-neg. We-neg motions to wave his hand at an ample size of Rubik's Cubes. The old Protector turns around and runs along the side of the wall. They shoot toward him. The Cubes bounces off the wall as Pete turns toward the pool. One knocks him into it. He unscrews a screw on a drain plate. WE-NEG (CONTD) Old Protector, your son is suffering. Why don't you become a loving dad and endure by his side? Pete unscrews the last screw on a drain plate, removes the plate. He enters the pipe, cautiously exits through a floor-hatch. Pete runs to a table, kicks it toward the wizard. We-neg turns around as the table knocks him to the

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