Balseno Calculus Research Paper

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A Balsenoptera musculus is located in polar and subtropical waters. A Balsenoptera musculus small fiah, krill, and crustaceans. A Balsenoptera musculus has 2 blow holes that water comes out of and pleates that is on the neck. Their conservation status is endangered. A Balsenoptera musculus skin type is smooth. A Balsenoptera musculus is a carnivore. Their colors are blue, white, grey, and black. A blue whale is the largest animal on Earth. It weighs about 220,000 to 352,000 pounds. A blue whale is 82.5 to 100 feet tall. A human and killer whale pods eat the blue whale. It lives for 35 to 45 years long. A blue whales heart is the same size as a small car. Blue Whale calves drinky 90 kilograms of milk everyday.
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