Balto Epilogue

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Balto stood leaning slightly forward. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was closed. The look he gave was one which Cristina had never seen before. It was odd enough, that even Molly noticed the difference. Molly turned to Cristina, “What the fuck”. “A backpack,” Cristina said with squinted eyes. They walked to Balto, who just stood there by the bush, which was just to the side of the cabin. It was as if he had been frozen, due to his motionless. Molly was not paying much attention to Balto’s character. She went in front of him, and picked up the backpack off the ground. “Are you going to open it,” Cristina said with an eyebrow raised higher than the other. “Why not?” Molly began unzipping the backpack. Molly looked in the backpack and then sat on the ground. She opened it up and dropped everything that was in it. The first object she saw…show more content…
“Poor girl, must be going crazy looking for her phone,” Molly said as she looked up at Cristina. “Do you think she forgot her bag when she came hiking?” “What are you talking about,” Cristina replied. “Here,” Molly said, and reached her hand out, and gave Cristina the phone. When Cristina saw the picture on the screen her eyes and mouth both opened wide. Molly’s eyes soon focused on Cristina and said, “What’s wrong?” “The bike”. “Bike. What about the bike?” Molly said, then stood up. “Are you fucking kidding me, Molly? The bike in the river,” Cristina said, then clenched her jaw. “Look at the girl in the middle.” She gave the phone to Molly. “What the fuck Tina, how can it be the same bike” “I don’t know, okay” Cristina said , then bit her bottom lip. “Maybe coming here was a bad idea.” They both looked down at the things and saw a trail which led behind the bush, where Balto had gotten the backpack from. Cristina then looked at her surroundings, and realized Balto was not there anymore. “Where’s Balto at?” Cristina asked
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