Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Character Analysis

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Authors are often considered the voice of the people and through their words, stories can be remembered for years or even centuries. Some of them risk their lives so that the voices of millions of people can be heard hoping their literary work would inspire change and bring relief. They choose to record the atrocities and injustices happening before their eyes because they feel a moral obligation to capture every moment so that they are not forgotten by society. Dai Sijie writer of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress in his book narrates the story of two privileged friends whose parents were considered enemies of the state because they were educated professionals. Sijie himself was re-educated in the 70s in a village very similar to the one his…show more content…
The author lived in Dong-ho’s house before him one day she discovers a secret book of photographs of the massacre, part of the story revolves around Dong-ho and his friend life. I believe that because of this connection with Dong-ho she felt a civic and moral duty to not forgot his story, “It was a face so utterly ordinary you could easily have mistaken it for that of another, a face whose characteristics would be forgotten the moment you turned away from it.” Kang’s work is a condemnation of all the atrocities that happen in the “far south of the Korean peninsula, a region that has a long history of political dissent, and of underrepresentation in the central government.” The way Kang narrates the story through its very explicit language and occasionally gruesome descriptions serve to share with the world one of the saddest moments in South Korea at a time when the press was heavily censored by the government. Not enough the government also tried to erase from history the events occurred in
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