Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

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Courtney Dunn Mrs. Besnard World Literature 02 November 2015 Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress In 1971 the Chinese Cultural Revolution has begun to take off. In this story the protagonist, an unnamed a fine musician, and his storytelling best friend luo, are sent away from Chengdu to a secluded mountain village to be re-educated. After arriving to the "Phoenix of the Sky", the Headman of the village wants to burn the protagonist’s violin. Luckily, Luo saves the violin by encouraging the musician to play a Mozart Sonata, “ Thinking of Chairman Mao”. The Audience finds out that the narrator 's parents are doctors and Luo’s father is a dentist when he recalls a time of Lou’s father being publicly humiliated. As for the two boys, they work at a local coal mine just near the mountain village. Thankfully, Luos skill for storytelling catches the headman 's attention. As a result the boys are sent to a nearby town of Yong Jing so they can retell the movies they watch there to the villagers. Soon after, the two boys meet the Little Seamstress, the daughter of a tailor in village not to far from theirs. They are both captivated by the Little Seamstress’s beauty and talents. At first, luo is interested, but later explains how she’s not civilized enough. After working in the coal mine for quite some time, luo comes down with a case of malaria. Luo tries to overcome his unknown illness to make plans to see a cinema show with the narrator and the Little Seamstress. Soon after the
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