Bamboo Ceiling Essay

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Racism is something that everyone has witnessed. People all over the world have been affected by discrimination. This discrimination is not just biological factor but an artificial category created by man. This allows for a group of people feel superior to another group of individuals. Race means different things in different places of the world. In the United States of American race is a person’s skin color, but in Ireland it is more about religion. It constantly changes and there is not set rules that people follow when categorizing race. Race is a man-made factor that affects society culturally, socially and in the education of its citizens.
In today’s society race is more than an individual’s genetic make-up. To people around the world
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Yang argues many cases in which Asian-Americans are forced to have less equality in education and the workplace. “The Bamboo Ceiling- an invisible barrier that maintains a pyramidal racial structure throughout corporate America” (Yang, 539). Yang blames Asian-American leaders in the upper class for allowing this divide to continue. It is hard for Asian-Americans to feel connect to being Asian in race when their culture is more western. Yet humans still decide to stereotype people based on physical appearance. Peoples forms of identity are so diverse that ethnicity cannot just be the main factor. Olson stats in his article how “the most perverse dimensions of ethnic thinking is the racialization of culture-the tendency to think of another people as not just culturally but genetically distinct” (Olson, 336). Humans will always create some type of boundary. Olson and Yang believe that there will be an end to all races, but it seems unlikely. It is not possible for Americans to move beyond the idea of race. Yang discusses how the world unacceptable judges his demeanor (547). Americans have an idea of finding success in overcoming his or her shortcomings. Olson also argues that while Hawaii has a large number of multiracial people it still has its racism (335-336). While racism does exist it might come to a part where it no longer is just a race
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