Bamboo Mosaic Virus Research Paper

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Every single microscope was used to try and figure out the mystery of the bamboo mosaic virus; an incredibly deadly infection to plants that causes widespread crop loss every year. The structure is flexible, being able to live in nearly every deadly environment, making it incredibly difficult to solve. Since the virus is so small and adaptable, it cannot be seen under a simple light microscope or even a high-quality microscope that uses X-rays to look within the virus. After denying all of the microscopes, scientists decided to place the bamboo mosaic virus under the strongest known microscope on earth, the Titan Crios. Because the enormous microscope can be easily disturbed by small vibrations, it has to be kept in a concrete cell, deep underground…show more content…
The description of the virus also allows for scientists to better identify other bugs like it, stopping them before they continue to cause vast crop losses around the world. After a long wait of over 75 years of not understanding what this virus looks like, research can finally allow for the virus to become a weapon for humanity, instead of against. However, the revealing of the virus not only helps the environment, but also human health, as the virus is ductile but not toxic to humans. Being so difficult, the virus can then be used as a base for vaccines, for other viruses will not be able to fight against its complicated design. Scientists are also aware of its little effect on humans, as it is commonly present in foods that are eaten by people in large quantities such as cucumbers and potatoes. Even though this vaccine base could create a significantly better and stronger killer of bugs within people, some would most likely morally disagree with the idea. A similar occurrence of refusal to take vaccines would be the flu shot. People create conspiracies and suspicions towards the shot, believing that it could make viruses worse or just have no effect on the flu at all. Especially since the bamboo mosaic virus kills plants, people will repeat the refusal to take vaccines, as it is very likely they will believe that the virus secretly effects the human body. Nevertheless, everyone would agree with the benefit of the saving of crops around the world. The gigantic Titan Krios Microscope comes to prove its power by revealing such a difficult virus to allow the next step into manipulating diseases and offering a base for new designs to heal
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