Ban Banning Tobacco Companies From Advertising Their Products And Sponsoring Sports And Cultural Events

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I had heard that some countries were trying to make their people to smoke less every year, first started with the ban on tobacco, but this apparently didn’t work out, so , now they are trying to make face to this problem by increasing taxes.

On Feb 6, 2001 Government of India (GOI) dropped a bombshell on the tobacco Industry when it announced that it would shortly table a bill banning Tobacco Companies from advertising their products and sponsoring sports and cultural events. The objective of such a ban was to discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products and also arm the Government with powers to launch an anti-Tobacco Program.

This decision seemed to have sparked an intense debate, not just over the ethical aspects of Government 's moral policing but also over the achievability of the objective itself. Reacting strongly against the proposed ban, Suhel Seth, CEO, Equus Advertising said, "The ban does not have teeth. It is a typical knee-jerk reaction by any Government to create some kind of popularity for itself.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco accounted for over 3 million deaths in 1990, the figure rising to 4.023 million deaths in 1998. It was estimated that tobacco related deaths would rise to 8.4 million in 2020 and to 10 million in about 2030. There was an increasing fear that tobacco companies were inducing children and young people to begin experimenting with tobacco products, and in this way initiate regular smoking, as this
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