Ban Cell Phones Use While Driving Essay

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SAVE TEEN LIVES - BAN CELL PHONE USE WHILE DRIVING The use of cell phones and driving is an ongoing issue in today 's society. A large number of teens use cell phones while driving, and the number keeps going up every day. Whether it is texting, talking, or using their navigation, using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is considered very dangerous, and is the number one distraction in the US (FCC). In addition, in many states, it is illegal, and is followed by a hefty fine if caught. Trying to convince your teen against using their cell phone while driving is difficult because they never really seem to listen. The fact is there have been over 40,000 cell phone related injuries and deaths reported in the US, and the number continues to rise each year (FCC). Because our teens rely way too much on their cell phone, it is up to us as parents to inform them of how dangerous using cell phones while driving really is. Although our teens may not like it, we need to make them aware of the dangers of using cell phones while driving, and enforce a nationwide ban to eliminate distractions, and reduce the number of deaths on the road. The truth is, most parents are in favor for the ban on cell phone usage while operating a vehicle; however, there is still 72 % who oppose the ban, many of them teen drivers (ABC). These teen drivers believe there is no danger utilizing hand-free devices, and does not agree with this ban. In fact, these teens believe they need their cell
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