Ban On Cell Phone Use

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A Ban on Cell Phone Use With the occurrence of an extreme emergency, the best thing to do would be to call 911. Without a cell phone, the options become limited to a small number. In a life or death situation, most would like to increase the chances of survival, and that can be more easily achieved with a cell phone. Calling for help would not be possible if cell phones were prohibited while driving. In some cases, many wouldn’t bring their phones with them, in order to avoid a ticket. While beneficial in an accident, cell phones can also be part of the cause of the accident. Cell phones should not be completely prohibited while driving, but there should be more regulations. Regardless of age, anyone can get distracted from a phone. The sound of a notification, or a ringtone, can often take the driver’s eyes away from the road as they look to pick the phone up. Even if a phone is on silent, many are still tempted to pick it up, just to make sure they don’t have a message. Without having complete vision of the road, the chance for an accident to occur is significantly increased. Not only does it take the eyes off the road, but also it takes away at least one hand. To receive a drivers license, you must drive with both hands on the wheel at all times. Using a phone while driving can be similar to eating while driving. Both of these require the driver to have a free hand and take their eyes off of the road. A ban on cellphones would likely increase the ban of other things,
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