Ban On Tobacco Advertisements By The Government Of India

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Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India
1. Summarize the arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India
2. Summarize the arguments in opposition of the ban on tobacco advertising in India
3. Discuss the conflict of interest issue as it pertains to government in India
4. Give your opinion on what governments should do in regards to tobacco advertising

Smoking is on my list of not to do. Since I was a little girl my dad used to smoke a lot in our living room. I remember this, as it caused me a lot of trouble, and because our living room was a bedroom for me, I used to wake up coughing from his smoking. This memory came into my mind as we are going to speak of the ban on tobacco ads the government of India started in 2001, the arguments pro and contra, the conflict of interest and give our opinion on what should governments do in regards to tobacco advertising. There were many pros and contras about this issue and studies and research conducted. In the end the tobacco industry employed 26 million people in India.
While this caused a lot of debate at the time, one of the strongest points in favor of this ban is that it has health risks, and in addition to prevent adolescents to use this product. Another point is saving money, so that the demand for healthy products increases, at the same time, the Government would save money on health aid. By imposing smoking bans we have a better environment, we will be faced with less health problems and little by
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