Banana Is A Common Tropical And Subtropical Fruit Eaten By A Great Number Of People Worldwide

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1 Introduction Banana is a common tropical and subtropical fruit eaten by a great number of people worldwide, it is also regarded as main staple food crop in many developing countries. However, banana has very short shelf life, is very easy to get decomposed and often affected by many postharvest diseases, which cause a lot of serious impacts on banana distribution, especially for the exported bananas. Among all the postharvest diseases of banana, crown rot is the most significant one, the rot pathogen is extremely complex, it has been reported that there are more than ten genera cause crown rot all over the world. The effects of crown rot can be seen after reaping, usually during the transportation and storage…show more content…
2010). Fusarium spp., including F. verticillioides, F. semitectum, F. oxysporum, F. solani, and F. sporotrichoides. Nevertheless, fungi of one species may have different pathogenic levels, it is reported that, F. semitectum and F. verticillioides have the biggest pathogenicity (Lassois et al. 2010). 3 Environment Conditions for Disease Development The occurrence of banana crown rot is usually influenced by different per-harvest sectors. The development of disease is partly related to seasonal factor. Generally, the banana crown rot is more often occurs during summer (March ~ September), while the rot grows slowly in the cold season (October to February) (Lassois et al. 2010). Temperature between 25°C to 30°C is appropriate for the fungi to grow dramatically, and the growth declines sharply when banana was stored in cool temperature, around 13°C (Finlay and Brown 1993). Besides, geographical variation is also influence the occurrence of crown rot, it is reported that the banana crown rot development at higher altitude (500m) is much less than at relative lower altitude (80m) in Cameroon (Ewané et al. 2012). The duration of time between harvesting and cooling is also of great significance when it comes to the disease development. The recommended fruit elapsed time should be no longer than 48 hours from harvesting to storing in refrigerator (Finlay and Brown 1993). In

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