Banana- Musa Paradisiaca

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• Most of the homes in Brunei have Banana plants grown in their backyard.
• They can grow even without any proper care for example like my banana trees in my home which grew by themselves.
• However since they are not being properly taken care of, they rarely bare fruits. Bananas can be grown like any other plant. They require good soil, sunlight and nutrients.
• However Banana plants also need special care in order to grow healthy. Avoid using infected suckers to grow new banana trees.
• Feed the plants with plenty of fertilizers every month as they are nutritious plants. They will require sufficient fertilizers to produce all the nutrients.
• They are usually propagated vegetatively by division. Their suckers or pups that rise from the base of the main stem or from underground corm are removed and plant them to make new banana trees.
• Another propagation method is by tissue culture where the plantlets are produced in a laboratory. This is the best method and cost effective to produce good quality bananas.

Pineapple (Ananas Comosus)

• Basically to grow a pineapple, you first have to pull the crown from the fruit. Choose a fresh healthy pineapple to grow healthy pineapple plant.
• But sometimes you can use its sucker to grow new plants.
• After that the crown has to be soaked in the water and expose to the…
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