Banana Peel as a Potential Methane Gas

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Introduction To recycle is the new trend in our society now a-days. Even foods are being transformed into a new object so that it wouldn’t just go to waste. A large amount of our population in the present time is experiencing the effects of poverty as well in shortage. A group of researchers, observed this common problem in the society. The researchers wanted to unveil an experiment that was long forgotten by the society. The study is about methane gas that was produced by using a raw product, Banana peels. The researchers discussed this experiment because the researchers observed that many people are complaining to the government about the price hike of the gasses. The researcher’s objective is to strengthen this study and to give the…show more content…
One example is the use of banana peelings, commonly referred to as banachakol (banana charcoal), to make charcoal briquettes. The following program features an interview with a woman from a group of community workers known as Bakyala Tweyune ("Women in self-help"), who describes the advantages of banachakol, and the production process for the briquettes.” 2005 October, Package 76, Script 5, Radio Scripts: An alternative fuel source: Make charcoal briquettes from banana peels “Genetic engineering has already enriched our produce aisles with such wonders as the seedless watermelon and herbicide-resistant soybeans. Now, according to a study published this month in Nature Biotechnology , a team of plant geneticists at the University of California at Berkeley has come up with an alternative to organic produce: more banana peels.” Lamb Robert, 2009 April1. Goodbye Organic Produce, Hello Banana Peels “SRI researchers have shown that in a single step, they can take pulverized coal -- or anything else that contains carbon, including human waste or banana peels, for example -- and directly transform the fuel 's chemical energy into electricity by electrochemically oxidizing the carbon.The byproduct is carbon dioxide -- but it is emitted in such a pure form, Dubois said, that it 's easy
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