Banana Wars: European Globalization and the Effect on the Caribbean

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The world today is continually becoming more and more advanced through the development of new technology and scientific data. This incremental process has sped up dramatically in the last two decades as technological advances make it easier for people to travel, communicate, and do business internationally. Thus, Europe has been a leader in this advancement and has contributed greatly to the process the world calls globalization. “Globalization is an objective, empirical process of increasing economic and political connectivity, a subjective process unfolding in consciousness as the collective awareness of growing global interconnectedness, and a shot of specific globalizing project that seek to shape global conditions.” Europe has …show more content…
The exportation of bananas however, has caused much more controversy than expected and has caused many problems for both the European Union and the Caribbean.
The European banana program originated in the Lomé Convention, a series of trade and economic cooperation agreements between the European Union and several Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries. The Lomé Conventions, first implemented in 1975, granted “trade provisions (that) included duty-free entry for many agricultural products important to the ACP, improved access for most other agricultural imports, and special protective measures for a few key commodities, such as bananas, sugar, and rum.” To further integrate Caribbean counties the European Banana Regime established in 1993, included various preferential trade agreements, remnants of European colonialism which facilitated banana imports into several European nations. One of its stated aims was to assist banana producers operating out of certain former European colonies. Essentially the program reserved a relatively small quota of banana imports for these former colonies.
The United States, after considerable prodding from Chiquita which has one of two major banana-trading companies with headquarters in the United States, took issue with the expressed altruism of the Europeans. The US complaint charged that the EU
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