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Through the conversation yesterday about the book Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto my understanding of the novel was changed drastically. I felt that by everyone in the group talking and sharing their thoughts on the book really opened up my mind to different views and perspectives of the questions asked. The main question that I had a different view on after the oral was “ In what way is Eriko being transgender in Japan during this time period different from in America today? ”. Before the oral, I believed that the difference was that in Japan, people who consider themselves transgender preferred to be told they had a disorder Meanwhile,in America being transgender is not considered a disorder and they didn 't like calling it one.…show more content…
Throughout the book Kitchen By Banana Yoshimoto the reader follows a girl named Mikage who struggles with the death of her loved ones and tries to overcome them. The reader learns the methods she uses to persevere through with the problems in her life and the way she and her friends try to get through it. Banana Yoshimoto uses the motif of light and darkness in her work to contrast the characters ' outward expressions with their internal emotions.
The usage of the motif of light in the book is vast enough to be spoken about on its own in the first paragraph, which will prove the thesis by giving an example of how with the motif of light can relate to the characters emotions shown greatly. The significance of this point is to give a clear example of what some of the motifs of light are in the book. The quote is said by Mikage. At this point of time in the book, Yuichi had just come to visit her after her grandmother had passed away. “When was it I realized that, on this dark and solitary path we all walk, the only way we can light is our own”(pg.21) The literary device being used in the first quote is imagery due to the fact that the author is creating an image in the reader 's head like when she said “dark and solitary path we all walk”. This literary device enhances the main idea by giving the reader a physical description of what is going on.
This paragraph will discuss one more example of the motif of light in Yoshimoto 's work. This will

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